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About Andrea Lacoste

I’m Andrea, I create experiences through music and free movement. I help people connect with their creativity and intuition in Music and Movement Coaching sessions, encourage them to let go of control with Ecstatic Dance experiences, and invite them to calmness and tranquility with high-frequency meditation music.

based in Barcelona, Spain

Andrea Lacoste

based in Barcelona, Spain


Andrea Lacoste is a creator of experiences who uses her voice, electronic music, free movement, and her guitar as a brush on canvas to spread the message of happiness, healing, and gratitude that we feel when connecting with music.

„I was born connected to music,“ Andrea has felt a profound connection with sounds and their power to transform our physical, mental, and emotional states from a very young age.

„Music is my greatest ally: it has helped me build self-esteem, connect with my emotions, release pain and sadness, and connect with happiness, especially through dance.“

Today, Andrea offers Music and Movement Coaching sessions, personalized Ecstatic Dance experiences, and live meditations with high-frequency (432hz) music.

My Journey


Andrea officially begins her career in 2013 as a singer-songwriter in Venezuela with „Suele Pasar,“ her first acoustic electronic and multilingual pop album. In 2014, she releases her EP „Tierra de Eterno Verano,“ a compilation of four songs influenced by traditional Venezuelan music that Andrea created as part of Ford EcoSport 2014 campaign in Venezuela.

In 2018, while living in Mexico, Andrea delves into her darker side with her second album „En la boca del,“ an electronic industrial rock album. Songs like „Lobo,“ „No logro recordar,“ and „Hass“ were played on Mexican radio and performed live by Andrea in Mexico.


Starting in 2019, Andrea wanted to explore more electronic sounds and share her art as a DJ. She has released Indie Dance singles and remixes in the United States, Europe, and Mexico, such as „Hass: The Remixes,“ which reached the top 10 of Indie Dance songs on Beatport (2020).

After the pandemic, Andrea’s artistic direction was heavily influenced by her spiritual and consciousness evolution, leading her art to take a more introspective and soul-connecting path. Today, Lacoste is a DJ for Ecstatic Dance experiences, offers coaching sessions through music and movement, and produces high-vibration (432hz) music.

Release control:

Ecstatic Dance

Heal from within:

Meditation Music

Connect with yourself:

Music Coaching

May the music be our medicine and the dance floor a healing place

Ecstatic Dance, Meditation Music and Music Coaching.